Choose From 750 Oak & Painted Items

Hanna A - 08-05-2017

Choose From 750 Oak & Painted Items

Choose From 750 Oak & Painted Items - Shipped in 7-14 Days.

We have invested heavily in making the supply of container stock as quick as possible.

Storing stock at our overseas factory results in lead times of six to eight weeks on direct container orders. Using intelligent data analysis, more than 750 lines have been selected, manufactured, and stored ahead of the new fast track ordering system being introduced in July.

Retailers can order any number of lines, there are no restricitons.  Stock holding takes into account the massive increase in demand for painted furniture as well as oak. Over the past two to three years the company has noticed a change in trend with more customers ordering from the Vancouver Expressions and Chalked Oak collections, which offers a choice of numerous popular painted colours with golden oak or chalked oak tops.

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