Solid Oak Table Design Change

Hanna A - 19-04-2016

Solid Oak Table Design Change

We strive to continually improve the quality and durability of our furniture so that we provide customers with oak furniture products that last a lifetime.

Historically on solid oak table tops, we have used a floating panel system to allow the timber to expand and contract when natural fluctuations in humidity and temperature occur. Whilst this system is effective, it still allows for some non-uniform movement and as a result based on recent customer feedback, we have made changes to the table top design.

The new improved design features solid oak panels which allow neat movement, offering an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The expansion joint in normal temperatures will be 3mm, in very cold weather the expansion joint will close to 2mm & in hot weather the joint will expand to 4mm.

The only exception to this design change is the top of the solid oak round pedestal table (NB125) which will remain as one 32mm thick piece of solid oak with no panels. To support this table, three metal support bars are used underneath please click here to view.

We hope you support us in this positive change, to the left you will find an image showing the new design which has now been put into production.

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