Dont panic! We are always here to help.

Below we have created a list of frequently asked questions where there is a good chance you will find what you are looking for. If you dont, please contact us and we will set you right in no time.

No, we only sell to trade.

Please apply a natural beeswax or beeswax containing product every 3-6 months with a soft lint free cloth.  Beeswax will protect the oak from drying and also create a light water repellent barrier to stop any spills from absorbing.

For more info click here.

It is not ideal to put your oak furniture in a conservatory because direct sunlight and heat can change the moisture levels within the oak causing it to shrink and possibly even split.

Yes. Traditional furniture manufacturing using solid oak uses floating oak panels on surfaces which expand and contract when temperature and natural humidity changes occur. This is a normal method of craftsmanship allowing the oak to breathe.

Promptly absorb spillages with a dry cloth or some tissue – do not rub.

Once the spill has been absorbed, please wait for the area to become completely dry and then apply natural beeswax or a beeswax containing product with a soft lint free cloth which will reinstate the delicate water repellent layer.

Should you experience any problems, please contact the company who supplied you.

Please request spare parts by contacting the company who supplied you with your Besp-Oak product(s).

We don’t advise you paint your oak furniture however, should you wish to do so we advise you seek professional help because expert care and pre-treatment will be necessary.

Almost all Besp-Oak furniture is assembled however, there are some exceptions.

Please contact your furniture supplier quoting the item code or stock reference for further information.

We would love you to recycle it following your local recycling regulations.

Depending on the severity of the damage, you may be able to seek self help or advice from trusted online resources.

If you are not confident with seeking help and rectifying the damage yourself, please obtain help from a professional.

No, unfortunately our Coventry showroom displays trade prices throughout the building and is therefore, trade only.

Please contact us and we can advise you of your nearest stockist.

Accept no imitiations!

To verify that a stockist is supplying genuine Besp-Oak products, please contact us.

It is not at all advisable to place your oak furniture outside.

Although oak is a natural material, it is very porous and exposure to moisture will inevitably damage the surface and craftsmanship.

Yes, good things come to those who wait.

If an item is out of stock a supplier may have to wait for your stock item to be made and delivered, which can take up to 14 weeks.

Should you experience problems with your supplier, please express your issues to them in writing, in clear and legible manner. 

If you do not receive a satisfactory response or if you are concerned that they are failing to comply with the Sale of Goods Act, we advise you contact your local Citizens Advice Bureu for support

The Citizens Advice Bureau advises that you obtain the following:

• Full details of the goods or services causing the problem
• A copy of any contracts or credit agreements
• Any recent letters about  the problem
• Proof of purchase - such as a receipt or credit card slip


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Forever, providing you treat it with love and care! Just like a fine wine, oak furniture gets better with age.

All goods carry a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against faulty materials and workmanship.

Simply apply now for a trade account or book a showroom appointment and using the company details you provide, we can assess you prior to your arrival.

We only open accounts for genuine businesses and require proof of trading including a bona fide need for Besp-Oak products.

Our customers include: interior designers, gift shop owners, show home developers, retailers, garden centres, property developers, charities, department stores and e-businesses.

You must be a registered customer to place an order with us.

Orders can be placed via:

  • Our online shop
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Fax 

Please note: You must quote the product code and quantity when placing orders by phone, fax or email.

After submitting a container or wholesale order you will receive an email acknowledgement. If you do not recieve an acknowledgement, please contact us.


A Luton sized van can carry 7-9 cubic feet of stock.

If the stock is suitable to go on a pallet, we can palletise it and charge you the relevant delivery charge depending on the pallet size and its destination.

For stock to be palletised it must be no bigger than 1m x 1m and must not contain glass or granite. 

If the stock is not suitable for a pallet delivery, you can either:

  • Arrange to collect
  • Fill a Luton van with 7cbm of stock (A full van load qualifies you for FREE delivery with 10% discount)
  • Ask us to obtain a quote for delivery from an external courier service.

You can log In to your online customer area where your available stock balance will be calculated, email us or call us.

We offer 20FT, 40FT and 40FT high cube sized containers.

No our trade prices are not inclusive of VAT.

Once a container is shipped, you can track it by using the container number supplied with your final invoice document along with the shipper details. This number can then be entered into the shipping lines website where you will be able to track the container and receive an estimated docking date.

If you have a Besp-Oak account, you will have an account manager. If you don’t know who your account manager is, please contact us.

If you purchase stock from us unfortunately you are unable to change the handles because the holes are already drilled and handles in place.

The warehouse opens weekdays only 7am until 3pm.

No, although our warehouse is just 10 minutes away.

Dont forget to book in with the wholesale team at least 1 working day before you wish to make your collection!


Besp-Oak Warehouse

Carlton Road



Yes, what an excellent idea!

If you intend to collect stock ordered with us on the same day you must book an early showroom appointment and inform the marketing team of your intentions to place an order to collect during your visit. This way, we can make the necessary arrangements and the warehouse know to expect you.

Yes. Smaller quantities of stock can be delivered to trade customers by pallet providing that stock does not exceed 1.0m wide x 1.2m long x 1.8m high. 

We use Palletways and you will be charged a set rate depending on the pallet size and its destination.

Yes. We have several recommended couriers, please contact us and we will inform you of the best courier to meet your requirements.

No.  Full payment must be made before delivery or collection can take place. For further details please view our Terms.

Wholesale Orders

If you are a retailer there is no minimum order.

However, if you are not a retailer there may be a minimum order quantity associated with your account.  We will set a minimum order value for your account upon receipt of a trade application. Should your application be successful, our new business team will detail in writing any parameters for your consideration.

Container Orders

The minimum order quantity for containers is a full 20FT container which contains 28cbm of stock.

Our showroom and office closes at 5:00pm however evening appointments can be arranged in advance if required – please contact us.

We do not open at weekends however should you be unable to visit us at any other time, a weekend appointment can be arranged in advance – please contact us.

Yes. We have a sizable car park situated to the front of the showroom building where you can park for free.

When you arrive at Besp-Oak HQ simply press the intercom and say hello! We will lift the barrier to let you in.

Yes, this way we can make sure someone is available to give you the grand tour!

Yes, with so many products available, it is important we make sure you know what you are looking at!

To ensure your business requirements are met, a helful Besp-Oak representative will show you around.

Approximately 2hrs for a full tour, there is lots to see!

Yes of course! We offer refreshments, snacks and lunch throughout the day!

During busy periods it may take up to 5 working days to receive a response.

If you have not received a response after this time, please contact us.

No, we do not set a RRP for our products.

Yes. To protect store based retailers, to stop price wars and to ensure that the Besp-Oak brand is not devalued we have a suggested selling price of container price (base price) x2.2.

Failure to meet SSP may mean that we terminate your account.

For further details, please view our Terms.

If you are a contractor you can take any Besp-Oak product currently available on a wholesale or container basis.

If you are a retailer new to Besp-Oak, we will check your local area and make a decision about what products we can supply you with based on the existing customers trading within a 10 mile radius.

The new business team will advise you of any limitations when we process your application.

No, we don’t offer a drop ship service this space!

No, we only deliver to trade customers.

You can submit returns via My Account.  Please log in to your customer area and enter full details along with at least two good quality images.

Any returns queries should be sent to the Besp-Oak team member that processed the order for you.

No unfortunately we can’t. Please don’t be put off by this as there are reliable couriers available to collect and deliver on your behalf and we have some excellent discounts available.

No. Goods can only be returned to us by prior agreement if they are damaged, faulty or if they have been delivered to you in error.

No, however should you have a need for a particular item by the container load your suggestions can be considered by our directors – please contact us.

Yes, we welcome ideas for new product lines and improvements.

You cannot track a container docking date until it has shipped.

Once your container has shipped, we will raise your final invoice and advise you of the estimated docking date, container number and shipping line. With this information you can then track the container yourself online.

Due to external influences beyond our control, container docking dates are subject to change.

Should you have any questions regarding your container and its docking date, please contact Jane Mosley.

When you place a container order with deposits paid we will advise you of the estimated lead time which is usually between 12-14 weeks. 

Once your container has shipped, we will raise your final invoice and advise you of the estimated docking date, container number and shipping line. With this information you can then track the container yourself online.

Due to external influences beyond our control, container docking dates are subject to change.

If you have a container booked in to be delivered to you and it is late please contact our dedicated freight forwarders DB Schenker on 02476 357088.

Any shortages must be reported at once to Jane Mosley.

Please also refer to our Terms & Conditions for + & - 10% rule.

No. All of our furniture is finished in a spray oil/wax. To maintain the finish please use natural beeswax or polishes containing beeswax. Further details on how to care for your oak can be found here.

Yes. As long as the products originate from the same factory or MT number reference.

If you are unsure, please just give us a call and we will talk you through it.

To cancel a wholesale or container order, please email the relevant department manager as follows:

For wholesale cancellations

For contaner cancellations

Please note that when cancelling a container order, any deposits paid will be non refundable, see our terms and conditions for further information.


Yes. When submitting a wholesale or container online there is an option to allocate your own order reference or PO number.

Alterntively, you can email us reference/PO details on an email to:

Details of shortages must be written on the collection or delivery note paperwork.  If details of missing stock are not given on the paperwork we have no proof of your claim.  Once the collection or delivery note paperwork has been returned to our wholesale team, either Natasha or Phillipa will be in contact with you to discuss.

Yes, please contact us with details of your image requests. To provide images we require the collection name or product code(s).

Yes, please log in to your customer area and select statements.

To make sure your container is securely filled to its maximum capacity we allow a stock variance of +10% or -10%. We will always inform you of any stock changes after your container has been loaded and your final invoice will be amended accordingly.

Yes. We acknowledge all container and wholesale orders by email.

Should you have any questions about an order you have submitted, please contact us.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • All major credit cards except American Express
  • Cheques
  • Cash
  • BACS

Please note: all payments must be cleared before stock can leave our posession.